Meet Our Designers

AnneeMatthew NursingwearAnneeMatthew Nursingwear
AnneeMatthew Nursingwear styles range from casual chic to classy comfort for every mood and move. We only use top of the range natural fabrics to give you an understated value for money. We focus on clean lines and simple cuts to achieve a ladylike elegance with a hint of sensuality.

At Annee Matthew, we are always researching on new ideas and inspirations for new styles. We design clothes that are comfortable and functional without compromising style.
Together with 5 years of experience in designing clothes for mothers, added with a firsthand knowledge of pregnancy and nursing, we strive to bring you new designs as often as possible.

Our styles are designed with you in mind.
Indulge .... You deserve it!

bellybutton are one of the most prominent maternity fashion wear labels on the German market, and have now also expanded into nursingwear.

bellybutton was founded in 1997 by five mothers with the purpose of passing on our combined experience of sixteen(!) pregnancies.
Although we are leading completely different lives in various parts of the world, we are united by our passion for motherhood and the ambition to offer the best products that mothers and mothers-to-be may possibly desire.

We are constantly researching new trends, everywhere we go. And this is clearly reflected in our fashion line. On top of being a lifestyle brand, we believe that our clothes make you look as good as you feel. Bellybutton offers you a wide range of classy and casual styles, whichever suits you best.

The IMAHOT maternity collection is especially designed to fit the mother from pregnancy through nursing and beyond. Each item in the collection has a special patent designed to suit the needs of mothers and mothers to be.
The IMAHOT house of fashion was created to fulfill the need to nurse comfortably while still looking stylish. Our nursing items help make breastfeeding much easier and extremely discreet.

The IMAHOT collection is made of high quality, soft fabrics and has a large variety of colors and sizes.

We constantly develop innovative and practical items designed to make mothers feel beautiful and look fashionable.

Milker is a Danish supplier of nursing and maternity wear. Our aim is to create practical and fashionable clothes for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Our collection of Nursing shirts and dresses are among the leading in Europe – with more varied design than any other brand.

Our products are made by well established factories in Portugal, India and China. We ensure an ongoing quality control from our offices in Denmark – and continuously strive to combine the highest production value with reasonable prices.

With clients in Germany, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark we are constantly provided with valuable input right from the shop counters – and we are committed to maintaining the ability to embrace new ideas.

Mothers en VogueMothers en Vogue
Mothers En Vogue® (MEV) - a specialist in breastfeeding fashion - was founded in 2003 out of a conviction that today's modern mothers deserve clothing which combines the multi-features of:

• comfort & fashion,
• health & esthetics,
• natural & eco-friendly fabrication,
• ingenious construction and
• quality sewing.

Mothers En Vogue combines high-quality natural fabrics, innovative yet discreet nursing design and flattering fit to create apparel that not only looks beautiful but feels good too. MEV’s positioning - nurture, naturally - is reflected in its use of natural and environmentally friendly yarns in the manufacture of its garments.

Paola MariaPaola Maria
Swedish design that makes a difference........

The vision as a designer was to make clothes that mothers can wear worldwide. Our ide in the beginning was to design Paola Maria clothes that have a '3inOne design'. This means that the same top, tunic, dress can be worn regardless of if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or worn just as normal fashion wear. The hidden nursing solution is the key to the success of the brand. All clothes in the collections by Paola Maria are maternity wear, nursing wear and also a normal fashion wear all in one !

Paola M Friberg founder and designer of Paola Maria are and have always been engaged in the environment and children’s rights. This engagement is coloring both the organization and choice of production partners.

As we meet mothers and children everyday and we see the importance of that every one is taking care of the environment, we also know the value of getting the chance for a good fair start in life. We have decided since we released our February 2009 that we also want to contribute for a better world. So we have decided to give 1% of our turmover to UNICEF and with this we all help to look after children´s rights and hopefully help children in undeveloped countries.

Ripe MaternityRipe Maternity
Ripe is an Australian owned contemporary, fresh, stylish and most of all comfortable maternity fashion label. We understand that a girl needs fashion labels she can depend on before and after pregnancy, and Ripe is there for you during this exciting time in your life.

Ripe ensures a delicious array is always on offer. We are committed to creating pieces that fit, flatter and co ordinate to make up the perfect maternity wardrobe, allowing you to maintain your own personal style through all phases of your pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy is a special and exciting time in your life and you should enjoy shopping for your new wardrobe with confidence.

The collections are predominantly Australian made and proudly distributed through boutiques in many countries around the world.

For a taste of something different in maternity wear, Ripe is there to satisfy all of your maternity fashion cravings!